Bio bidet is a modern-day advanced toilet that has pre-installed spray, heated seat, air dryer, and also sprays deodorizer to keep the odor away. In this post, we will be discussing Bio Bidet Installation and Bio toilet means.  

The actual purpose of the bio bidet is to convert the standard toilet into an advanced automatic shower toilet which can automatically wash and blow dry the user while sitting on the toilet after they finished.

It means the bio bidet contains the toilet seat, dryer, spray, and many more features in one place. 

Everyone needs a clean and comfortable toilet and for that, the best option is a bio toilet. This makes your toilet cleaner and it is also an eco-friendly toilet.

Bio Bidet Meaning

A bio bidet is an additional feature in the toilet for more personal hygiene. It uses water-based cleaning to make the toilet cleaner and improves the hygiene of the user.

Bio bidet makes your toilet experience more luxurious as it cleans itself, and spray deodorizer to keep the toilet odor less. It also has heated seats for the user; uses automatic spray and also has a massage function available.

It also has the facility of a heat dryer; it dries the user after spraying water. It has reduced the usage of toilet paper which is very hygienic for all of us.

Bio Toilet Meaning

Bio toilet is more of an eco-friendly toilet, which means the bio-toilet does not use water instead, it uses natural bacteria and enzymes to break down human waste.

The bio-toilet is generally used in a location where there is less human population and does not have any sewage system. It collects human waste in one container and decomposes the waste with the help of bacteria.

Bio Bidet vs. Bio Toilet Comparison

Bidet Meaning

Bidet means a low-to-ground basin that will wash the privet parts of the users with the help of the bowl movement. It cleans the genitalia perfectly with cold or hot water, whichever you choose.

In simple words, bidet is a high-tech technology that maintains our hygiene and makes our toilet experience better.


How to install the bio bidet

Installing a bio bidet is an idle task and sometimes it can be frustrating if you do not know how to install the bio bidet. If you don’t know how to install bio bidet then don’t worry anymore, I will tell you how to install it.

To install the bio bidet in your toilet you have to follow the instructions carefully. I am going to tell you the step-by-step process of how to install the bio bidet.

 Remove water supply

The first thing you have to do before installing the bio bidet is to remove the water supply from your toilet. It is a crucial step, you cannot install the bio bidet without removing the water supply otherwise water will start pouring out in the middle of the work.

To remove the water supply you have to turn off the valve where the water line is attached and then remove the water supply line with the help of a wrench. Generally, the water valve is at the bottom of the wall near the toilet.

Once you remove the water supply, remove all the water from the toilet by flushing it.

Remove the toilet seat

After removing the water supply, remove the existing toilet seat from the toilet. To install the bio bidet you have to remove the toilet seat. The only place you can install the bio bidet is at the place of the toilet seat.

To remove the toilet seat from the toilet you have to unscrew the screws from the toilet. To unscrew the screws take the help of a screwdriver. After unscrewing the screws pull out the toilet seat. Keep the screws in one place, it will be used again later.

Attach the mounting bracket

After removing the toilet seat, take the perfect measurement of the existing toilet and align the bracket perfectly according to the toilet. Once you align the bracket, mark the positions where you have to drill. After marking, drill the wall at the marked points.


Once you drill holes in the marked positions put anchors in the holes. After that put the anchor in the holes put the mounting bracket perfectly in position, and take the help of another person if you cannot do this alone. It is very important to align the bracket to the toilet, also take the help so you do not bend the mounting bracket by mistake.

Once the mounting bracket is aligned put the screws in the holes. Use a screwdriver to put the screws inside. The mounting bracket will keep the bio bidet in its place. If you get any problem while attaching the mounting bracket, take the help of the bio bidet instruction which is a guide given with the bio bidet.

Attach the bio bidet

After attaching the mounting bracket it’s time to attach the bio bidet. You have to attach the bio bidet to the mounting bracket that you attached earlier.

Put the bio bidet on the mounting bracket and attach the bidet perfectly to it. When you attach the bidet to the mounting bracket it will make a click sound so make sure to attach properly and you hear the click sound from every direction of the bracket.

If your bio bidet is the electric bidet then connect the bidet with to the electric outlet.

Attach the T valve

Once you attach the bio bidet to the mounting bracket you have to attach the T valve to the angle valve. The T valve is a type of valve that has only one moving cap on it.

Now attach the water supply line to the T valve, and toilet tank, and then connect the water supply line to the bio toilet. Then turn the T valve clockwise direction for the flow of water.

Flush the toilet three to four times to make sure that there is no leakage in the water supply line and in the T valve.

how to install a bio bidet

Test the bio bidet

Once the bio bidet is attached perfectly and all the other work is completed then check the bio bidet whether it is working properly or not. Check all the components of the bio bidet such as the bidet spray, heating seat, heat air dryer, deodorizing spray, massage cleaning, wireless remote control, and other features.

If all the features are working properly then your bio bidet is ready to use. If any of the features is malfunctioning then consult with a professional.


Is bio bidet easy to install?

Yes, installing the bio bidet is easy if you have all the important components and tools for installing the bio bidet. Without the help of a plumber, you can install it. If you have doubts about yourself then I suggest you take the help from a plumber.

How long does a bio bidet last?

Well, the average lifespan of a bio bidet is six to eight years. Generally, you will get the warranty in the bio bidet which can be extended to six years. This means you can face little malfunctions at the end years of the bio bidet.

Is a bidet better than toilet paper?

Yes, a bidet is far better than toilet paper, as it uses water instead of paper which is much more hygienic than paper.

Tools required to install bio bidet?

To install the bio bidet you need some tools first. The tools you require are a screwdriver, wrench, drill machine, and a bio bidet.


Bio bidet is one of the best things that you can install in your bathroom. Installing it is not a difficult task, you can fix it by yourself. It is very hygienic in comparison to toilet paper and you do not need to do any work in the toilet, all the work from spraying to drying will be done by the bio bidet. It is very user-friendly and keeps your toilet fresh and hygienic.