Bidets are undoubtedly one of the trending needs of your toilets. If you are one who is looking for information about Bidet Converter Kit around Internet then this post is for you.

It’s getting very popular with the passing days because of its ease to use, easy installation, and multiple other features that gonna add value plus luxury plus comfort in your day-to-day life.

However, still, very few people are clear about the term BIDET and BIDET CONVERTER KIT, many of us mistake bidets as kind of awkward basins, having a secondary toilet or some kind of unwanted urinals, and bla bla.

Let me clear your doubt, that Bidet is none of them but is slowly becoming one of the most essential items for modern American washrooms and it had been already an important part of multiple other countries’ washrooms for a big span of time.

Some people mistake bidets for awkward sinks, drinking fountains, second toilets, or unusual urinals. Others think bidets are used for washing their feet or even keeping their drinks on ice (shower beer, anyone?).

Well, I am pretty sure, you must be having several questions revolving across your mind related to Bidets and its usability. Let’s take a deep dive and understand all you need to know about Bidet and Bidet Converter Kit etc.

  • What is a bidet?

  • How can it be installed?
  • Does it require any extra space?
  • Will it alter my budget?

And much more.

What is a Bidet?

People also ask what is the meaning of bidet?- It’s a very common question for most people who just don’t have any practical idea but have seen and heard a lot about Bidets!

A bidet is a very essential bathroom fixture for cleaning your undercarriage, It’s one of the major ways that most people across the globe use to clean themselves after using the toilet.

However, these bidets are available in many shapes, sizes, and different types, but all serve the same purpose i.e. To Clean Yourself!

In other simpler words, bidets are modern-day bathroom appliances that use water to clean our butt, balls, and gooch after we drop a deuce.

In more simpler words we can say that bidets are a kind of shower for our ass! These bidets hook up with the bathroom’s water supply, Clean Water Supply, and not the dirty toilet water.

Also, before using the bidet, it is very important to understand what kind of bidets are you looking for and what is exactly needed to be installed in your bathroom.

There are different types of bidets available in the market, enough to confuse you while shopping! Let’s explore about the different types of bidets available in the market and their usability.

bidet converter kit meaning, how to install, benefits


Best Bidet for your Bathroom

There are different price ranges for bidet and if you want the best bidet with maximum features then you have to at least spend $500 for a bidet. Price range for the best bidet starts from $500 and goes up to $2000 and installation charges can differ according to your location.

It depends on you that how much you want to spend on a bidet. I will tell you the best bidet in different price ranges and you decide which one you want according to your budget. I am making this list with my personal experience and I will tell you the best bidets among them.

Best bidet between $500 to $700:

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HOROW Smart Toilet with Heated Bidet, Instant Warm Water, Pre-Wet, Tankless Toilet with Dual Flush System 1/1.27 GPF.

This is one of the best bidets at this price and you get many features in it. With this product, you will get:

In this, you get the instant water heating technology which can turn the cold water into hot water instantly.

This bidet helps in conserving water as well. As it has dual flush, you can do a small flush by foot induction and full flush by pressing the knob.

This is one of the best features of this bidet. You can adjust the temperature of the toilet seat in four gears. As you sit on the toilet seat it will immediately heat up the toilet seat to the set temperature and when you stand then it will stop heating and start power saving.

It will spray water on the inner bowl while the person is sitting on the bidet. It will flush the waste more thoroughly.

You will get  12-month replacement warranty and also get the 30-day money-back guarantee.

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EPLO Smart Bidet Toilet, Electric Elongated Tankless Toilet with Heated Seat, Warm Water, Auto Flush, Nightlight, Remote Control, One Piece Toilet for Bathrooms

It is also one of the best in this price range. The features you get in this bidet are:

You can flush the toilet without using your hands, as it gets foot kick flushing, remote control flushing, and off-seat flushing. Get the benefit of hands-free flushing.

Powerful flushing: this bidet comes with a powerful flushing system as it comes with Siphonic jet TECH. It is very useful for thorough cleaning of the toilet.

It comes with a self-cleaning wand which offers adjustable spray, adjustable shape, temperature, water pressure, etc.

Apart from these features, it comes with the normal features like a warm dryer, instant warm water, auto flush, heated toilet seat, auto deodorization, and remote control.

You will get the safety guarantee and quality assurance. You will also get 1 year warranty.

 Best bidet between $700 to $1000

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EPLO Smart Toilet,One Piece Bidet Toilet for Bathrooms,Modern Elongated Toilet with Warm Water,Dual Auto Flush, Foot Sensor Operation, Heated Bidet Seat,Electric Tankless Toilets with LED Display

If you want to spend more than $700 but not want to exceed 800 then the best option for you is this bidet. The features in this bidet are:

Smart toilet: if you want a bidet with minimalist design and maximum features then this is the best option for you. As it comes with features like a heated seat, instant warm water, warm dryer, nightlight, deodorization, auto flush, remote control, and LED display.

Personal Cleansing: it has a better personal cleansing feature as it comes with a self-cleaning arc wand which offers adjustable spray shape, temperature, pulsate, water pressure, etc. It also has the Front and rear wash modes which provide warm water for cleansing.

Automatic system: it comes with hands-free flushing feature where you do not have to use your hands to flush. Instead, you can flush by foot sensing flushing, Off-seat flushing, remote control flushing, and also button control flushing.

It also comes with a powerful flushing system to ensure thorough cleaning. It saves electricity, as it has eco energy savings mode which ensures electricity is never wasted. Also, it has dual flush.

It comes with 1-year warranty as well.

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ANZZI Smart Toilet, One Piece with Automatic Bidet Seat 1.28GPF Single Flush, Remote Open & Close, Heated Water Sprayer & Seat, Dryer, Auto Power-Flush, Night Light, Cyclone-Dri Tech (TL-STF851WH)

It is an amazing product and has many features in it.

ADJUSTABLE BIDET: in this bidet, the spray nozzle moves back and forth for a thorough cleaning.

This bidet has 3 in 1 nozzle spray. This means the nozzle spray is suitable for children, women, and men. It also has a night light in it. This makes it easy to use at night.

It has a water filter which purifies water and makes sure that you get the cleanest washing.

It also has the heated seats, deodorization, instant warm water, a warm dryer, and a remote control.

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HOROW Luxury Smart Toilet, Heated Bidet with Dryer and Warm Water, Bidet Toilet with Heated Seat, Auto Close Toilet Seat, Modern Tankless Toilet with Remote Control, Night Light, White

This is an advanced bidet with lots of features in it and also makes your toilet cleaner and fresher. The features in this bidet are:

The lid of the toilet automatically opens when you reach near the toilet and automatically closes when go away.

It has the smart dual flush which flushes when you move away from the toilet and if you touch the sensor with your foot then it will do half flush only. Also, it has a remote control and knob flushing as well.

It comes with basic features as well like, heated seats, adjustable water temperature, water pressure, and nozzle position. It also has a dryer which blows warm air towards you which reduces the use of toilet paper.

To keep your toilet hygienic it and clean it has deodorant, a silver ion-added seat, a self-cleaning nozzle, and UV light.

It comes with 1 year replacement warranty and 30 days money-back guaranty.

Best bidet between $1000 to $1500

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ANZZI ENVO Echo Elongated Smart Toilet Bidet in White with Auto Open, Auto Close, Auto Flush, and Heated Seat | TL-STFF950WH

In a higher price range, this is the most affordable and has lots of features.

It comes with 3 in 1 nozzle for spraying water, which makes it suitable for children, women, and men. You can adjust the pressure according to yourself. Also, the nozzle moves front and back for thorough cleaning.

The toilet lid opens and closes automatically by sensing your footsteps. You can open or close the lid with the help of a remote as well.

It uses a UV sterilizer feature to make your toilet more hygienic and also sprays deodorizer to make it fresh.

It comes with a heated seat feature, heated seat, instant warm water, and a warm dryer.

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BidetMate 6000 Intelligent Elongated Bidet Toilet – Hands-Free Open/Close – Instant Heated Water, Dryer, & Seat – Quick Drying Cyclone-Dri Tech, Walk Away Auto Power-Flush, Auto Night Light – w/Remote

It is one of the best bidets which comes with many features and it is a beautiful-looking bidet.

It comes with lots of features and it modernizes your bathroom as well. It comes with endless heated water with a filter, stainless steel self-cleaning nozzle, and UV light, cleans between uses, and an automatic soft-closing seat and lid. It also has the Automatic and foot button flush for a completely hands-free experience.

It maintains the hygiene of the toilet by personalized multi-wash functions. It comes with a child setting which ensures your kid will be clean without your help. It also has features to assist independence for seniors and mobility-challenged. To make the bathroom fresh it sprays charcoal honeycomb air deodorizer eliminates S02 gasses, and neutralizes unpleasant smells.

It is an eco-friendly and money-saving bidet that uses only a gallon of water to flush the toilet thoroughly, and it uses automatic spray which saves toilet paper.

It comes with 3 year warranty.

Type of Bidet

Bidets are available in different varieties in the market, in e-commerce stores, or in other places. Before we learn about the functionality and usability of a bidet, it is really important to understand what kind of bidet we need for our bathrooms.

They are available in plenty of forms and that’s one of the reasons why they are gaining so much popularity.

Freestanding Bidet

These are the most common and traditional kind of bidet that is placed right next to your toilet with an appearance of more like a deep vessel sink.

Handheld Bidet

It is one of the very popular kinds of bidet available in the market. Handheld Bidet, commonly known as a bidet shower has a nozzle that is attached to your toilet.

We need to manually move it to the private area that we want to clean after using the toilet, or for any other cleaning purposes.

The added advantage of these kinds of bidets is the pressure control. i.e. you can control the pressure of water as per your needs. Read here how to use a handheld bidet

Built-in Bidet

These are the modern-day and the most demanded kind of bidets that comes built-in with your toilet. Once you use the flush of your toilet, these built-in bidets automatically dispense the vertical flow of water with pressure to clean your bottom.

Warm Water Bidet

Warm water bidets generally have a built-in water heater that allows a warmer spray to clean your balls, butt, and gooch after you use the toilet or are attached to the hot water piping lines.

It can be built-in or a spray attached or free-standing based on the needs and necessities of each individual.

How to Use a Bidet?

So now, since we got to know about the basics of a bidet, Let us understand some tips for getting handy with a bidet.

Before making an attempt, try to make a plan for yourself that should include the experimental testing i.e. turning the spray nozzle on to check the pressure, flushing the built-in kind of bidets to find out the source of a jet of water and its pressure, and much more.

Below mentioned are some common tips for using a Bidet?

  • Check out the bidet before using it.
  • Find out the source of a spray of water coming out and the pressure of the stream.
  • It is advisable to use tissue paper for your first attempt with the bidets.
  • Always remember to shut down the T-valve after using the bidets in order to avoid any kind of leakage further.
  • Make sure your no clothes especially the underwear are coming in the ay of bidets.
  • Don’t use towels for drying your rear parts but only for drying your hands.
  • Use the bidets as bidets only i.e. for cleaning your bottom rear parts only.
  • Don’t mix soaps, shampoos, or any other washing oxidants in that.
  • Make sure to clean the bidets properly from time to time in order to avoid any kind of bacterial infections.

Complete Guide on How to Use a Bidet

how to use bidet

Benefits of Bidets

There are lots of benefits of a bidet:

? Bidets are environmentally friendly as it helps to save paper in the form of tissue paper. As per one of the survey reports, it was found that Americans are estimated to use almost 37 billion rolls of tissue paper on an annual basis to clean their butt

? Don’t be surprised, but as per the reports of a scientific American article that states the production of one roll of toilet paper requires up to 40 gallons of water and 2 pounds of wood. Your bidets won’t use that much.

? Bidets help you and also your hands to be clean.

? The warm water bidets help you a lot if you’re going or you’ve gone under any surgery for the rear parts of bodies.

? They reduce the cause of bacterial transmission

? Easy to use

? Easy to install

? No extra space required

Installing a bidet seat in your Toilet

Bidet toilet seats are easy to install and easy to use. Most of the bidets are designed in a way that can be installed by anyone without having any additional skills.

However, there are certain things where you need to be a little careful while installing a bidet including the water supply and some other factors considering the installation of a bidet.

Moreover, being in the market for such a long time and gaining popularity across the globe, it’s not that hard to add a bidet to your bathroom.

Your first step towards bidet installation will be choosing the proper bidet for your toilet. Generally, toilet shapes come under two categories i.e. Round and Elongated.

The majority of homes consider having elongated toilet seats for their bathrooms as the rounder shape toilet is not very common these days and is suitable mostly for smaller bathrooms.

Try to get the correct measurement of the distance between your toilet seats and their tank including their bolts too.

Once you are done with the right measurement, you are good to go ahead with ordering your bidet.

Usually, most of the companies that are in the business of sanitary provide you with all the parts needed for standard installation of your bidet and a user handbook where they cover all the steps briefing about the installation process of a bidet.

Let’s take a look at the common steps for the installation of a bidet.

Turn off the Water Supply

It is very important to turn off the water supply while doing any kind of plumbing work and the same applies while installation of bidets too. So the first step towards installing a bidet will be shutting down all the water supply of your bathroom to avoid any kind of leakage or flowage in the area.

Remove the toilet seat

This can be your next step in the process of installation of the bidet. Since bidets are attached to the toilet seats you need to remove your toilet seat, and then simply clean the area and place the bidet seat as per your earlier measurements.

Place the Bidet Seat properly

Once your toilet seat is removed, place the bidet over your toilet’s bolt holes and gently insert the brackets for better tightening later. Check for the nuts and screws if they are placed and tightened properly.

Installing the Bidet Toilet Seat

Place the bidet seat onto the mounting plate of your toilet seat until it gets placed properly. You can adjust the position of the bidet seat as per your own ease to use.

Check for the different positions and the one allowing you the best comfort is your suitable position to install the bidet toilet seat.

Restart the Water Supply

Turn on the water supply and also the T-valve of your bidet. Check for any leakages and tighten all the connections of nuts and bolts. Make sure to double-check all the joints and for the leakages as later they can cause unnecessary irritation to your mood.

Start using your Bidet

You are all set to start using your bidet and cleaning yourself while pooping.

Check out for any kind of leakages, if found tighten the connection of bolts and brackets. Congratulations! You have successfully installed your bidet seat on your toilet.

Earlier, bidets were rarely found in common people’s toilets, but with the increasing demand and popularity, everyone can convert their traditional toilet into a bidet very conveniently because bidet converter kit have made the toilet to bidet conversion very easy. With bidet converter kit convert toilet to bidet by yourself.

A bidet converter kit or sometimes called Bidet Conversion Kit allows you an easier and hassle-free transition from your normal toilet into a bidet toilet.

These kits are the contemporary upgrade for bathrooms that are highly dominating the market. Let’s understand in deep about the bidet converter kit is one of the most cutting-edge trends to give your bathroom an ecstatic look while restoring its aesthetic and practical value.

What is a Bidet Converter Kit?

A bidet converter kit is typically an easy and affordable way to upgrade your traditional bathroom adding a beneficial feature. Confused?

In simpler words, it is a collection of components used to upgrade your normal toilet seat to a bidet seat.

It basically comprises of shower head, hose, and an adaptor to fix the hose with a water supply and a bidet seat that is to be placed over the normal toilet seat.

It provides almost all the common advantages of having a bidet but at a comparatively lower cost. It is quite easy to install and moreover, saves your expenses on tissue paper purchases.

In other words, you can say that the bidet converter kit is more cost-effective compared to a full bidet set and is the first choice of a majority of users in the United States.

How to install a bidet converter kit?

Bidet converter kits are quite easy to install and don’t require any extra space or techniques as most of the converter kits come with detailed instruction leaflets attached to it.

? Turn off the Water Supply

? Fix the adaptor to the water supply

? Connect the bidet hose with the adaptor

? Fix the bidet seat over the toilet bowl

? Turn on the water supply

? Check for any leakages

? Adjust the flow/spray according to your needs.

? You are good to go.

Maintenance of a bidet converter kit

As much important as it is to have a bidet in your toilet, the same importance is as regular maintenance and cleanliness of your bidet converter kit for long-lasting usability.

However, it’s not a very hectic task to regularly clean your converter kit. The most important aspect is to clean the nozzle after each use with a cloth or cotton balls, also you need to take care always about the water pressure, as it should not be too high resulting in damage of several other components.

Moreover, it is always suggested to keep inspecting the converter kit components regularly to check for any damages or tears.


Benefits of Bidet Converter Kit

There are several benefits of using a bidet converter kit, however, the most significant are your financial savings, personal hygiene, and cleanliness, and also a step towards environmental protection.

You will be shocked to know the fact that regular use of toilet paper to clean your private parts after every time you use your bathroom can be the reason for several deadly diseases like vaginal infections, hemorrhoids, and many other bacterial infections.

Let’s take a look at some of the common benefits of using a bidet converter kit rather than a normal traditional toilet.

Improved Hygiene

Having a bidet converter kit can help you improve your overall hygiene. Getting yourself cleaned properly with fresh water after every time you poop and keeping the area clean results in a better physical and mental state all day and keep you refreshed.

Cost Efficient

A bidet converter kit is a pocket-friendly tool that also helps you in further cost saving by reducing the unnecessary expense of buying toilet paper every month in your budget list.

Environment Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of having a bidet converter kit is that they are eco-friendly and allow you to be eco-friendly too.

The toilets papers production process requires lots of energy, water, and cutting of trees, and thus by using a bidet converter kit you share your contribution towards saving trees and protecting the planet.

Easy to Use

Bidet converter kits are quiet easy to install and easy to use. They don’t require any additional skill and also add more value to your bathrooms.

use bidet

Though bidets are commonly used in bathrooms all over the world, still there are lot of things that needs to be get familiarized with the people who are planning to buy it. Let us discuss about some of the very common frequently asked questions about bidets and convert kits.



What is a Bidet and Why should I have it in my bathroom?

Bidets are one of the most essential needed items in your bathroom that helps you in cleaning yourself properly with fresh water after every time you poop.

Along with cleanliness, it also helps you maintain proper hygiene, not only for you but for your family too.

It helps reduce the usage of toilet paper, thus saving your money, saving the environment, and saving you from several unknown and unwanted diseases. So, it is very important to have a bidet in your toilet.

What is the meaning of bidet?

Bidet meaning – In general terms, bidet means a bathroom fixture that is designed for our personal hygiene. It is used as private parts cleaner after we finish using the toilet. It does its work automatically so you do not have to do anything.

How does a bidet works?

Having a bidet in your toilet doesn’t need any extra function or skills. You simply use your bathroom as you were using earlier, and the only change that a bidet offers is that it allows you to clean your private parts with water sprays rather than wiping them out with toilet paper.

Also, you can adjust the flow/spray of the water jet coming out of the nozzle as per your own comfort.

Is Soap needed while using a bidet?

No, there is no need of using soap while using a bidet. As the bidet is connected to the fresh water supply of your bathrooms and it cleans your private area with fresh water.

And as it is a very old saying “Water is the best and healthiest source to keep yourself clean”. Still, some people like to use soap with a bidet, so it is completely up to you whether you want to use a soap with bidet or not.

Can we control the water pressure and temperature of bidet ?

Yes, you can adjust the flow of water as per your need and comfort and also adjust the temperature of water in a bidet.

Do I Need to use toilet paper after cleaning with bidet?

Well, it’s completely up to you if you want to use the toilet paper after cleaning with fresh water of bidet. Generally, it is not required or needed to use toilet paper after having a bidet.

Does the Spray wand touch my private part while cleaning?

The answer is NO the Spray wand does not touch your private part while cleaning. The only thing that touches you will be the water.

Are bidet hard to install?

Not at all, most of the bidet are quiet easy to install and don’t require any extra technical skill and can be installed within an hour with an ease.

Are bidets complex to clean?

Not exactly, you just need to regularly clean your bidet and especially the nozzle part.

Are Bidets Environment friendly?

Of course, they are. Usage of bidets results in non-usage of toilet papers, thus resulting in less production of toilet paper and hence saving the trees that are used to make the toilet paper.

Where can I buy bidets for my bathroom ?

With the increasing popularity of the bidets, they are very commonly found everywhere across the globe, whether online or offline – it’s completely up to you to purchase your bidet.

The most recent development in the sanitary world is the rise of bidet and bidet converter kit. Because of the ease of installation and use, and better hygiene results, it’s gaining much popularity all over the world. Also, it adds some extra value to your toilet giving it a contemporary and classy look.

So when are you planning to install a bidet in your bathroom? Don’t wait anymore, talk to our experts today and get the perfect suited bidet for your toilet today with the best market price guaranteed.

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